• Punch Block Page 49 #47
  • Full Side
  • Scissors Page 43 #21
  • Knee Forward / Reverse


  • Tiger Strike to Face Page 63 #48
  • Middle Knuckle Page 66 #60
  • Crane Beak to Temple
  • Eagle Claw to Throat Page 57 #24


  • Wheel Page 73 #14
  • Tornado Roundhouse Page 74 #28
  • Flying Side Thrust Page 72 #39
  • Turning Hook


  • Hourglass Page 33 #21
  • Added Page 31 #13
  • Parallel Page 26 #3
  • Pigeon Toe Page 27 #6


  • Tekki Shodan


  • Bunkai

Tactical Combat Fighting

Self Defense

  • Flatten / Shoulder Grab: Left hand trap / Right Knife hand strike to Radial Pressure Point (lower Elbow) / Right Knife Hand strike to Bicep Pressure Point / Right Knife Hand strike to Carotid Artery Pressure Point / Right Eagle Claw to Sternocleidomastoid muscle on attacker’s left side (tap out) / Left Palm Heel to sub-lingual Pressure Point / Neck Wrench.
  • Exhume / Front Choke: Upset punch with left hand / Upper Cut with left hand / Take your right hand over top of their arms and peel off the index finger and apply backward pressure until the ring finger releases from the hold / bring the ring finger into the hold with the pinky finger, now you have more leverage / continue applying pressure until the entire hand releases the hold / Bring your other hand up and grab the pinky and ring fingers / apply backward pressur and outward pressure at the same time / tense and kiai as you pull your hands in opposite directions causing your attacker’s hand muscles to split.
  • Nail / Cross Grip: Wax off and grab back / Palm Heel to face / Forearm push on elbow and take the attacker to the ground / Pull elbow against your leg / Apply to submission.
    34. Spread Eagle / Back Bear Hug Arms Free: Backward elbow strike to face / With one leg, step behind attacker / Peel right hand off / Eagle spread takedown / Punch to face.
  • Extend Pretzel / Two hand Grab: Wax on and wax off and grab attacker back / Knee kick to groin/ Turn arms and spin bringing attacker into a pretzel arm-lock / take-down / Punch to face / Hammer fist to face.
  • Knife / Knife Front Low Stab: Knife Hand Strike outside and Inside to disarm / Grab arm with both Hands / 2 Round house kicks to stomach / Snap kick to face / Thrust Kick to Knee / Retrieve Knife.

One Steps

  • Cancelled – Ridge Hand Strike: Twin Forearm Block / Left Hand grab attacker’s hand / Right Hand Hammer Fist to side of face / Turn with back to Attacker and break arm over right shoulder / Turn back to face attacker / Upset punch to stomach / Knee to Face / Dropping Elbow to Neck.
    26. Heap – Front Snap Kick: Stop Back Foot Kick / Turning Sidekick / Turning Back Kick / Tornado Roundhouse Kick.
  • Exile – Leopard Stike: Step Back and Palm Block / Attacker executes Side Kick with Right Leg / Circular Block with right arm while protecting face with Right hand, catch kick and step to the side, placing your hips directly behind attacker’s hips / Raise leg up into the air to unbalance opponent / Hammer Fist strike to thigh muscle / Side Hammer Fist strike to throat / Grab Gi lapel and spin takedown / Hold leg 90 degree into air and push fist into attacker’s throat until submission
  • Rabbit – Double Knife Hand Strike From Behind: Two Outer Forearm Blocks vertical going into low Riding Stance / Right Arm Low Hammer Fist Strike to Groin / Right Arm Backward Elbow Strike to Face / Wrap Right Arm upward around attacker’s throat / Bend at the hips, taking attacker’s weight onto your hips / Execute Head Throw.
  • Scar – Palm Heel Strike: Grasping Block Right Hand / Left Hand upset / Left Hand Ridge Hand Strike to Throat / Step behind and arm bar choke until submission.
  • Obtuse – Side Kick: Full Side Block / Grab leg in right arm and lift high / Step Behind Attacker and enter into Riding Stance / Knife Hand Strike to Thigh / Knife Hand Strike to Throat and follow thru with Over the Leg take Down. Judo choke hold pin