• Dropping                                              Page 39 #6
  • X Hand Open / Close (H,M,L)              Page 44 #25 Low
  • Reinforced Side                                   Page 42 #18
  • Grasping/ 2 Hand Grasping                 Page 41 #15/#16


  • Back Fist to Side/L/Turning                  Page 55 #15/L # 14
  • Hammer Fist Down/L/Turning              Page 56 #17/L #18
  • Double Hammer Fist to Side
  • Leopard Strike                                      Page 66 #58


  • Reverse Roundhouse
  • Snap Front Leg
  • Jump Snap Page 72 #17
  • Jump Thrust


  • Cat Stance Minor Page 28 #9
  • Cat Stance Major Page 28 #10
  • Crane Stance Page 31 #23
  • Inverted T Page 32 #27


  • Taikyoku Niddan


  • Back Fall
  • Side Fall


  • Sparring Information Page 106-110
  • Rank Etiquette Page 6

Self Defense

  • Ever Bear / Front Bear Hug with Arms Trapped: Drop into riding stance / throat poke to force release / strike pressure points shoulder / shoulder / thigh / thigh / face.
  • Viper / Side Head Lock: Upset strike to kidneys / Inside hand snakes up to attacker’s eyes from behind their shoulders and fingers dig in and push back until attacker lets go / continue to apply pressure and turn attacker into head lock.
  • Exit / Full Nelson: Place hands into S-hook and place in front of your forehead to keep the pressure from getting too great on your neck / Donkey kick to their groin / step to the side with 1 leg and then move the other behind them into a riding stance / grab both of their pant legs and lift up and then drop them onto the ground / follow this up with a side kick to the face.
  • Rear Lock / Behind Choke: Turn and rising arm / wrap arm over attacker’s arm / apply pressure, placing them in an arm lock / two upset punches to the ribs/ roundhouse punch to side of face / sweep/ punch to face.
  • My Leg / Single Hand Grab from Onza Position: Wax on and Grab Attacker’s Hand / Roll onto side opposite of grab / Hook bottom foot around Attacker’s Ankle / Top leg thrust kick into attacker’s front of Knee (For practice Attacker will have leg turned so push happens on the inside of knee) / Second thrust kick into attacker’s face / Release hand and rise to fighting stance.
  • ICU / Front Choke: Grab thumb on outside of Attacker’s hands / Twist outward placing in Double Thumb Lock / Knee Strike to groin / Spear Hand strike to Face / Knife Hand strike to Neck.

One Steps

  • Idiot / Middle Punch: Pivot on Left foot to the side / Grasping block with right hand / Sidekick to attackers knee / Sidekick to ribs / Hammer fist to back of neck / Step behind attacker / Double knife hand strike to collar / Double hammer fist to ears
  • Wasp – Hammer Fist Strike to Head: Rising block and grab hand – same side as attack / Palm heel to face with other arm / Push arm up and back, keeping it in line with attacker’s body / continue pushing arm back while other hand strikes back of knee and lifts leg up / Push attacker to the ground if they have not already fallen / move in and kneel on one knee and punch to face.
  • Ideal – Across Knife Hand Strike : Step to the side and Grasping Block / Step behind attacker and pull attacker’s held arm across your chest with outer elbow against your body and apply pressure to elbow joint / Palm heel strike to face with free hand / Continue the movement and extend your arm beyond attacker’s face / Wrap your arm around attacker’s neck and place into head lock.
  • Liberate – Spear Hand Strike to Face : Evade by stepping to the side / Twin forearm block / Grab and apply 2 Thumbs Wrist Lock / Force them to bend over and Snap kick to face / Break elbow / Pull head back and knife hand to nose.
  • Larynx – Ridge Hand to Back of Head from Side: Turn with Outer forearm Block and Grab / Eagle Claw to adam’s apple / Knee to groin / Side re-enforced elbow to ear.
  • Adieu – Front Snap Kick: Low Open X Hand Block / grab foot / Pull toward you / Drop Leg and Back Fist with right hand to face / Re-enforced Elbow Strike to Solar Plex / Knee Strike to attacker’s face.